Size Chart Guide



The tape should be wrapped around the fullest part of the bust.

The tape should be wrapped directly under the bust. Keeping your arms to the side, stand straight.

Place the tape around the area of the waist that is the narrowest

Maintaining your feet together, apply the tape to the hip’s fullest part.

We want you to feel confident and comfortable in our bikinis! Please note that our sizing chart is a guide, and our bikinis are designed with stretchable fabric for a flexible fit. Embrace your unique shape, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our customer support.

Caring for your Veda Swimwear

  1. Do not dry iron. Use a steam iron with caution if needed .
  2. Hand wash in fresh cold water.
  3. Make sure your swimsuit is completely dry before storing it.
  4. Do not machine wash or use detergents